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B2B Specialist
6-10 Employees
founded at 2014
Classic Marketing
Sales / Sales
PR / Communications
Branding / Brand
Digital Transformation & Innovation
Mobile / Apps
Social Media
Video / Film / Motion Picture
Web / Internet

Our Philosophy


About us

We live the implementation of all offered services with passion. Why? Because it is fun and - because we can do it. Versatility is our strength. Flexibility makes it possible to accept any challenge and solve it cost-efficiently to the advantage of the customer.

We are happy to work together with you. Expect not only uncomplicated cooperation with a healthy degree of pragmatism but also a professional and reliable implementation of all defined measures. Always in view: Budget and objectives - even when things are on fire and have to be done quickly.

As a marketing specialist with special knowledge of the market, AKI advises and advertises for:
• Breweries
• Chemical industry
• Luxury food
• IT-Solutions

• Creative solutions
• Uniqueness
• Optimal positioning

• Project Management
• Market research
• Strategic marketing
• Operational marketing
• Communication mix
• corporate identity
• Holistic marketing concepts

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Ganzheitliche Marketing-Betreuung

Development and redesign of target-strategic and operative marketing concepts of several well-known chemical companies in the B2B sector. Continuous support of the business units and coordinated communication concepts for the respective business areas. Analysis, planning, implementation and control of marketing goals and activities.


Give direction, with a plan for success. That's what we do. Project management is a suitable method for structuring a variety of entrepreneurial tasks of a project nature and for carrying them out in a controllable manner in terms of time and costs. We have the right "toolbox" for you. "It is not enough to know, you have to apply it. It is not enough to want it, you have to do it." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe We know, we apply, we want and we do it - for you!


The market in view, the deal in mind. Marketing decision-makers today have to consider very different perspectives. Markets and target groups are changing faster and faster, time to act is getting shorter and shorter. At the same time, there are more and more channels and media used for communication and more and more possibilities to extract data from the dialogue between brand and customer. All this in the closest possible coordination with the sales structure: When is a lead "ripe" for handover to sales? What insights into the customer approach come from there? Do the campaigns ultimately pay off? How do you manage to lose as little information as possible at the interfaces? Listed aspects have an influence on the cooperation with agencies. The much-cited "colourful pictures" are no longer sufficient to define marketing activities.

Strategisches Marketing

Good strategic marketing is a prerequisite for good business success! Do you have a vision for your company and a clearly formulated business goal? Are you well prepared for the fight for strategic competitive advantages? Do you have a vision of where your company should develop in order to remain successful? The strategic orientation of a company plays a key role when it comes to securing the success of the company. But what does the reality look like? Do you take the necessary time or does strategic planning fall by the wayside because of all the work? Do you sink into operative work and can no longer see the wood for the trees? Many companies believe that strategic marketing is only something for large corporations, or simply do not know how to approach a meaningful strategic planning.

Operatives Marketing

You probably know the situation: As a marketing manager, time is constantly burning under your fingernails, you rush from meeting to meeting and in between you have to take a look at all the current projects and nod off... What is the result? You can no longer pay sufficient attention to all projects in operative marketing. Mistakes happen, or actions are only half-heartedly realized and do not bring the planned result. The corporate goal can no longer be consistently pursued because other sites are constantly opening up that also require attention. What is the solution? Book us as your external marketing department. We, the AKI-TEAM, take care of marketing, market research, advertising, PR, trade fairs etc. In accordance with the company's objectives, we work professionally, intensively and transparently for you and always keep an overview of the tasks, requirements and the available budget.


We start with you from the beginning! Inspect the market, the existing offer, the competition and the potential for your company, your ideas. We provide valuable "insights" for effective decision making. Market research is a "people business". We have a multidisciplinary and multilingual market research team that explores the subtleties of different social and cultural characteristics of human behaviour with a high degree of empathy and sensitivity. Our ability to gain meaningful insights earns us the trust of clients and partners worldwide and will maintain our competitive edge. For us, market research is not the goal, but the beginning of something big. Market insight is critical to making confident decisions in business development, marketing and sales. AKI Kommunikation listens to you! And together with you, we will define a clear market research goal and the research methods required to achieve it.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity, or "CI" for short, is the totality of the characteristics that characterize a company and make it stand out from other companies. It is of great importance to think about how a company is perceived and should be perceived by the outside world. On this basis, a corporate identity should be defined for the enterprise. A clear and distinct CI in order to achieve a recognition value in the market and to be able to differentiate from competitors. Whenever you hear "corporate identity", you probably think of logos, letterheads and business cards - and all this is definitely part of it. Corporate design consists of the things that are typically associated with a company's visual identity, including logos and slogans, colors and fonts, office supplies, flyers, web design, social media and much more. It describes who they are as a company. Therefore, it contains the elements of corporate design on the one hand, but also the culture, values and the way a company communicates internally and externally. However, a corporate identity is more than just design. The values and culture of your company are essential in forming a corporate identity.


We create an advertising strategy for your products, a deliberately chosen mix of methods and instruments for market communication. We create your communication policy for you. Various communication instruments combined in "best practice" for your products and services. Classical advertising Public relations Sales promotion Direct marketing Fairs & Congresses Sponsorship Event marketing Online marketing


Classic Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Strategy
Sales Promotion
Trade Marketing
Sales / Sales
PR / Communications
Communication Concepts
Branding / Brand
Brand Architecture
Brand Positioning
Corporate Identity
Corporate Language
Brand Guidelines
Corporate Architecture
Corporate Design
Conferences / Conventions
Event Marketing / Live Communication
Measure Up
Team Event
Digital Transformation & Innovation
Media Planning
Mobile / Apps
Social Media
LinkedIn / Xing
Video / Film / Motion Picture
Image Movies
Web / Internet
Landing Pages
Advertising Production
Poster Campaign
Print Ads

Industry Experience

Agricultural Economics
Human Resources / HR
Machinery / Plant
Products That Need Explanation
Raw Materials
Renewable Energy


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