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Hyperinteractive GmbH

B2B Specialist
6-10 Employees
founded at 2017
Mobile / Apps
Advanced Computing
Web / Internet
It Services / Service
Digital Transformation & Innovation
Video / Film / Motion Picture

Our Philosophy

We are digital specialists. Precise. Flexible. Fast.

About us

We create digital experiences. We develop solutions that are innovative and unique.

Our creations are smart on the inside so that their surface stays user-friendly.

We are an experienced team of technical enthusiasts - conceptual designers, UX designers, developers. We work with a strong network of specialists. Our projects have won prestigious awards over the years.

Our mission is to consult and guide our partners in terms of innovation and to execute digital specialties for them. We are your reliable partner when it comes to facing challenging projects on previously unchartered territories.

AR, VR, AI, Bots, Apps & more. Reach out, if you would like to innovate your brand.

For more information visit our site – hyperinteractive.de

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DOT TRANSLATION ENGINE - The first Braille Translator based on AI

Details under:lbbonline.com/work/35307/
Dot Incorporation develops innovative solutions for the visually impaired. The Startup began with the Dot Watch – a watch, based on the Braille language which makes time readable by touch. The Startup then went on to develop the Dot Mini – the Kindle for blind people. This device makes it possible to “read” whole books, sentence by sentence and it is compact (/petite) enough to fit into the pockets of your trousers. However, until now it was only able to offer already translated books and material in Braille. The technology is still too premature in order to be able to translate content in real-time. Yet being able to do so, poses the last missing piece to the puzzle, in order to literally transform Dot-Mini into a smart-media device. PROBLEM There are ca. 285 million blind and visually-impaired people world-wide, who only have very limited access to content, which to the rest of us, is a natural and irrefutable part of our lives. Only 3% of all accessible texts are available in Braille. And although translators do exist in the marketplace, these are not accurate, due to the rules of Braille Grade II only being applicable by human beings. Not only does the rulebook consist of over 300 DIN A4 pages, but the language is also multifaceted and complex. It is for this reason, that one still needs an experienced professional, who checks and corrects a Braille translation in order to receive an accurate result.

“How China Are You?” Game

Details under:howchinaareyou.org/en/
Protonet develops innovative cloud solutions for the office space and for home - the Personal Cloud. Not only do they promise their customers security and protection for their data, but they also provide clients a complete sovereignty thereof. In a broad-based campaign, they want to attract the public's attention in order to inform them about data protection in the age of Google, Facebook, and Co. PROBLEM The limits of data protection are being put to the test nowadays. The topic is gaining a great presence in the media and is causing increasing concern among end-users. Is a free internet service really free or do we really just pay in another currency? How much of our most sensitive and personal information do we share every day? Are we truly aware of how transparent we are for big internet magnates? These giants, in turn, are not very transparent and leave us standing in the dark with a ton of questions.

Stabilo True Colors Browser Extension & Mobile App

Details under:www.hyperinteractive.de/portfolio...
TRUE COLOURS BY STABILO Stabilo is one of the leading writing utensil manufacturers in Europe and sells its products in over 180 countries. The company has remained true to its values for 160 years - curious, trend-conscious, inspiring and visionary! Their markers have highlighted countless critical and important passages on paper in books and contracts and have helped people to memorize them or to draw their attention to them quicker. Even in the digital age, Stabilo wants to support people with its tools. PROBLEM In today's world, we use many internet services, which in our opinion are free. Unfortunately, the reality of the increasingly digital world is a very different one. Often, we pay by exposing sensitive data. But not all users are aware of this actuality. Nobody reads the terms and conditions of a company or a service these days before ticking the famous "agree" box. And if you did - it would take a considerable amount of time to gain clarity. And who has the time to extensively look into the dry topic of data protection?


Hyperinteractive Showreel


Mobile / Apps
Analytics / Attribution / Tracking (Mobile)
App Design
Augmented Reality Apps
Conception (Mobile UI / UX)
Cross Platform
Hybrid / Web Apps
Mobile App Development
Mobile Commerce
Native Apps
Push Notification Service
Quality Assurance (Apps)
Virtual Reality (VR) - Programming
Advanced Computing
Artificial Intelligence (AI / AI)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Big Data Analysis
Chatbots / Language Assistants
Conversational Interfaces (CI)
Deep Learning (Dl)
Internet Of Things (Iot)
Machine Learning (ML)
Mixed Reality (MR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Web / Internet
Digitization Strategy
E-Commerce & Webshops
Landing Pages
Loading Time Optimization
Product Configurator
Relaunch (Website)
Responsive Design
Single Page Application (SPA)
Web Design
Web Development
Web Prototyping
It Services / Service
Continuous Delivery
Micro Services
Software Development
Technology Evaluation
Test Automation
Digital Transformation & Innovation
Agile Development
Collaborative Learning
Customer Journey
Design Sprints
Design Thinking
Digital Training
Lean Startup Method
Product Consulting
Product Design
Rapid Prototyping
Digital Prototyping
Interface Design
Technical Design
UX / UI Design
Video / Film / Motion Picture
Interactive Videos

Industry Experience

Business Software
Fin Tech
Products That Need Explanation



from 2019 to 2020
Konzept & Innovationsberatung für Dot Incorporation. Entwicklung eines auf KI basierendes Übersetzungstools – den "Dot Translation Engine".
Konzept & Innovationsberatung für Meter Group. Entwicklung einer Fundraising & Tracking App für iOS und Android bei der Kampagne "Ride for Science"
Technische Beratung & Konzeptentwicklung, Proof of Concept und Konzepte & Apps

Kolle Rebbe

from 2016 to 2016
Konzept & Innovationsberatung und anschließende Entwicklung eines interactives Films/Spiels "How China Are You?"

Jung von Matt

from 2016 to 2017
Für Stabilo – Konzept & Innovationsberatung, Browser-Extension Entwicklung "Stabilo True Colors"

Philipp & Keuntje

from 2019 to 2019
Technische Beratung & Konzeptentwicklung
Umsetzung Proof of Concept für interaktive Display Anwendung für Philipps
Umsetzung eines interaktiven Displays für Bosch in Form eine Games

Track Agency

from 2019 to 2020
Technische Beratung & Konzeptentwicklung
Umsetzung Proof of Concepts für Augmented Reality Anwendungen für McDonalds und Ferrero
HTML5 Banner Design, Animationen & Umsetzung für McDonalds

The Fizz

from 2019 to 2020
Technische Beratung
Website-Entwicklung — Design und Umsetzung von responsiven Websites für The Fizz Apartments in Deutschland

Modern Love School

from 2019 to 2020
- Technische Beratung
- Umsetzung einer Platform für Tipps und Tricks rund um die Liebe. Einschließlich eines Magazins und im Zentrum einen Shop — Online-Kurse und Tests, die über die Platform gekauft und absolviert werden können


from 2017 to 2020
Taxi App — UX, Design
Umsetzung Website, HTML5 Banner, UX, Design

Schmidt’s Tivoli

from 2017 to 2017
Reeperbahnrun — Marketing Game — Technische Beratung & Konzeptentwicklung, Technische Beratung, komplette Entwicklung


Cannes Lions

Bronzener Löwe in der Kategorie Digital Craft für "Dot Translation Engine"

Red Dot Award

Grand Prix für "Dot Translation Engine"

Red Dot Award

Best of the Best / Online / Digital Innovations für "Dot Translation Engine"

Red Dot Award

Für Interface & UX Design / Health Solutions für "Dot Translation Engine"

Cannes Lions

Silberner Löwe für "Stabilo True Colors"

Eurobest Award

Innovation Trophy für "Stabilo True Colors"

One Show

Silver Pencil für "Stabilo True Colors"

ADC Annual Award

Future Professionals 2015 / Gold Nail für "Stabilo True Colors"

ADC Annual Award

Global Annual Awards / Silver Cube für "Stabilo True Colors"

Cannes Lions

Cannes Silver Lion für "How China Are You?"

ADC Annual Award

ADC Trophy für "How China Are You?"

LIA Award (London International Advertising)

LIA Bronze für "How China Are You?"

The Webby Award

Webby Trophy für "How China Are You?"

Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation

In der Kategorie Unterhaltung & Kultur für "Reeperbahn Run"

Further Awards

Annual Media Award 2020 / Tool / Gold für "Dot Translation Engine"

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