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founded at 1999
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Our Philosophy

The future belongs to new thinkers. Inspire people with a unique positioning and communication idea. MISSION: IMPROVING THE WORLD WITH CREATIVITY

About us

We love rethinking entrepreneurs and shapers of a better world where responsibility, togetherness, tolerance and respect are the guiding principles of all. Rethinking is best done in free-moving teams instead of entrenched and overpriced water-head structures: cooperative collaboration with the best experts for the specific tasks ensures relevance, efficiency and speed power.

The owner-managed creative agency for inspiring brand leadership. With a deep understanding of people & brands & markets.

If you want ingenious marketing & branding like Apple, Dove, Intel, Google and Ikea, and if sustainability is a priority
- but has a smaller budget
- is not sure, ób he uses it correctly
- does not know how best to position himself to meet the changing needs of his customers.

For those we have the thinknew solution: An emotional SOG brand positioning. Insight -focus / target groups and competitor analysis. Exceptional impactful visual implementations.
Aligning positioning with the new age and new demands is our core competence. We do this by thinking outside the box, both in the BTB and BTC sectors.
After all, it is crucial who buys the products at the end of the line and why. Here, more and more brands are aligning themselves with the new conditions.
Due to the new influences on society as a whole, companies are exposed to completely new questions.
How sustainable is production? In what emotional framework are products and services offered?
These are all crucial questions, which we would like to answer together with you in the realignment of your brand. Competitor analyses on the motive level of the limbic system (limbic map) provide the competitive edge and a clean basis.
We ensure all this and much more for our clients.
With an excellent branding and design expertise, which has already been awarded several times nationally and internationally.


Positioning und Rebranding of the Premium furniture brand Ewald Schillig

Details under:www.youtube.com/watch
Most furniture advertising is still quite conventional and functional in its imagery, at least as far as manufacturer advertising is concerned. This is advertising that is predominantly intended to reach the main target group of women, but fundamentally misses the mark. Thus, it is still felt that the products are too matter-of-fact, even in the consumer sector, and here too, there is still too little humanity: real brand ideas or a diversity claim are an exception, but not the rule. Time to chill. A slogan supported by the question: "Who are you when you're relaxed?" enters into a female dialog with its audience. People-centered, at eye level. Communication that opens. The visual storytelling expresses the diversity of relaxation, which ranges from cuddling with the dog or children, to yoga poses, to a conscious diversity claim.

First Class Advertising at Economy Prices -Munich Airport Advertising Space Marketing

Details under:thinknewgroup.com...
Munich Airport offers first-class advertising space even at low prices. This message is to attract every large and small business through customized communication. In addition, the premium aspect is also to be emphasized in the process.

Relaunch: meaningful umbrella brand claim for Frankonia.

Details under:www.frankonia.de/
Conception of an umbrella brand claim and branding that synergistically unites all business areas. Range of services: workshops, focus group survey, strategy and branding. A target group balancing act that requires a lot of insider knowledge and sensitivity to create an emotional bridge between the conservative and the new generation of hunters, as well as the increasing number of hunting women, and also to inspire the extended target group circle in the lifestyle sector relevantly under one message. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

GOLD for BMW creative emotional brand staging at airports

Details under:www.bmw.com
Wanted: Emotional staging of the BMW brand at airports

High-impact campaign for Kneipp mineral water

Details under:www.kneipp-quelle.de...
thinknewgroup convinces in pitch for the very last chance for Kneipp mineral water challenge: - after flop launch at retailers & customers - Extremely low advertising budget - Outsourcing process had already begun thinknew-Research: Found best chances in glass bottle eco-friendly distribution system and feminized design & brand world. Licensee FB could not change distribution for the time being and also could not change to glass bottle


Details under:thinknewgroup.com...
The lingerie classic HANRO celebrates its anniversary: reason to celebrate the evolution of the brand especially. How can Hanro emphasize its understatement and premium positioning and create more desirability?

Standard-breaking IT positionining & brandworld

Details under:www.compas.de/index.html
We are looking for a unique brand identity and positioning that emotionally emphasizes the CRM/CAS software core competence in FMCG. From the corporate identity, advertising materials such as flyers to the website.

Relaunch Orsay (Fashion) - Brand Ambassador Fever

Details under:thinknewgroup.com...
Brand image and an evolved target group require a relaunch for Orsay. The customer is heterogeneous, an emotional connection is sought that appeals to younger women, between 25-35 years, but also appeals to all women beyond that.

GOLD for relaunch of Syfy (TV) -tapping new target groups

Details under:thinknewgroup.com...
The former science fiction station wants to reposition itself and appeal to a broader audience: Away from science fiction nerds and towards families.

The life formula for charm: Hirmer campaign positioning

Details under:thinknewgroup.com...
Emotionalize the charm of the Hirmer brand while addressing the nuances of the different target groups and still finding a bracket. Until now, communication was only through fashion images. The old slogan, the largest men's fashion house in the world, was perceived in market research as unappealing and overwhelming.

Innovative brand identity for IT start-up Service as a Service - SAAS

Details under:thinknewgroup.com/saas
was to present in a unique appearance at the same time the size and intelligent power of a digital incubator in the form of a service player that offers companies endless possibilities. This is how SAAS paves the way for companies and start-ups to a Microsoft partnership and status upgrades.

Rent art easy as pie (online)

Details under:allyoucanart.de/blog/
Development of a high-impact name and corporate design for a portal where art can be easily rented online, purchased or produced in individual formats.

When men do the housework. Repositioning TV /Campaign DR.BECKMANN

Details under:thinknewgroup.com/dr-beckmann
For Dr. Beckmann - the specialist for laundry and household - we take care of the classic as well as the point of sale appearance. From advertisements, image brochures, TV commercials to POS material. Now, a TV commercial (10 sec) is to communicate in a high-impact and target group-relevant way that you can wash colored and white clothes together with the new color and dirt trap, without discoloration.


Details under:thinknewgroup.com/pirsch
We are looking for a high-quality modern design with an emotional human-centered claim. An approach that responds to the changing target group of younger readers without losing touch with the older and more conservative readership. The for a long time strongly male dominated hunt scene gets now more and more female influx, therefore the magazine for women is to be in the future just as attractive, as for the hunting man. In addition, PIRSCH is to be positioned as the leading hunting magazine.

Professional advertising exemplary Pioneer Jeans

Details under:thinknewgroup.com/new-page-5
Each pair of jeans has its own individual number and is therefore unique. We are looking for an emotionalization - a storytelling and staging of the number jeans - for the BtB and BtC.


think new

megatrends - paradigmenshift - digitalisierung - feminisierung - emtionales selling

thinknew guerilla - zeit für ein neues gleichgewicht

Talk show Interview - megatrends

Schlagzeilen in Deutschland -Werber verstehen die Frauen nicht

Marken-Magnetisierung : Gabi Lück im Interview mit Hermann Scherer -Hamburg 1


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since 2018
Ideen und Konzepte für neue Zielgruppen


from 2006 to 2010
Internationale Markenführung und Leadagentur, Shootings, Workshops, Plakate, Anzeigen, Spotreatments, Lookbooks, Plakate, POS, Kampagnen, Magazin, qualitative Marktforschung, Fokusgruppen, Einzelinterviews etc.

SAAS - Service as a Service

since 2019
Positionierung, Logo und Slogan-Entwicklung, Workshops, Marketing, Markenführung, Website, Programmierung, Corporate Design, Merchandising, etc.


from 2015 to 2015
Diesel Skandal , Krisen Konzepte und Kampagnen Online

GFM -Trend Verband /Dream Art

since 2019
Relaunch , Neu-Positionierung der Marke Dream Art, Workshops, Corporate Design, Strategie-Entwicklung, Slogan, Namens- und Produktvermarktungskonzeption, Austellungsdesign, Displaygestaltung, Website,

Franken Brunnen / Kneipp

since 2009
Neupositionierung der Linzenzmarke Kneipp Mineralwasser, Kampagne, Produktdesign, Packing, POS, Marktforschung, Fokusgruppen, Einzelinterviews , etc.

Monteil / Beauty Cosmetic

from 2013 to 2013
Neupositionierung der Marke, Strategie-, Slogan-& Entwicklung

Poco Domäne

from 20013 to 2016
Qualitative Marktforschung, Fokusgruppen, Einzelinterviews , POS Befragungen,
Insight-Strategie Entwicklung und Handlungsempfehlungen, Kreative Konzept/ Kampagnenentwicklung

Omega -Gruppe / Immobilien

from 2018 to 2018
Workshops, Branding, Logo-Relaunch

WEKO Einrichtungshäuser

from 2016 to 2018
Neupositionierung, Branding, Corporate Design, Creative Direction, Workshops, qualitative Marktforschung, Strategie-Entwicklung, Plakate, Flyer, Broschüren, Kataloge, Anzeigen, Konzepte, POS , Funkspots, etc.


from 2007 to 2008
Neupositionierung, Shootings, Kampagne, Strategie & Slogan- Entwicklung, Workshops, Lookbooks, Anzeigen, Packing, Design


from 2018 to 2018
Retail und Ladenbau Konzeption und Renderings

Geiger Maximizing Netsolutions / IT

since 2002
Markenpositionierung, Branding, Corporate Design, Website Merchandising, Logo Slogan und Strategie-Entwicklung von 5 Geschäftsfeldern


from 2008 to 2009
qualitative Marktforschung / Fokusgruppen, Einzelinterviews Neupositionierung, Strategie und Markenentwicklung, Dachmarkenkonzeption, Shootings, Lookbooks, Anzeigen, Plakat und Kino

Compas / CRM & CRS

since 2004
Positionierung, Corporate Design, Workshops, Branding, Strategie und Markenentwicklung,, Logo, Slogan, Keyvisuals, Website

And Union / Craftbier

since 2019
Workshop ,qualitative Marktforschung / Einzelinterviews , Strategieentwicklung

Delta Pro Natura / Dr Beckmann

from 2007 to 2008
Positionierung, Branding, Marketing, Straegieentwicklung, TV Spots, Anzeigen, Broschüren, POS , Banner etc.

All you can Art / Online Kunstshop /Portal

since 2014
Workshops, Corporate Design, Strategieentwicklung, Anzeigen, Flyer, SEO, Markenführung, Social Media, Online Marketing, Events, Ausstellungen

Carla & Marge Möbelmarke

from 2019 to 2021
Workshops, Corporate Design, Strategieentwicklung, Konkurrenz-Analyse, Positionierung, Brandworld, Sloganentwicklung, Shooting , Website

Eurocomfort Group / Lück GmbH /Ewald Schillig

from 2019 to 2021
Workshops, Corporate Design, Strategieentwicklung, Konkurrenz-Analyse, Positionierung, Brandworld, Sloganentwicklung, Shooting , Website

NBC /Syfy

from 2009 to 2011
Workshops, Relaunch, Öffung vom "Nerd-Sender" zum Familiensender, Strategieentwicklung, Positionierung ,Brandworld, Sloganentwicklung, Shooting , Multi-Channel-Campaign, Tv-Spots, Funk-Spots

CINOGY & PlasBelle

from 2019 to 2021
Workshops, Corporate Design, Strategieentwicklung, Konkurrenz-Analyse, Positionierung, Brandworld, Sloganentwicklung, Website

Further Awards

• Fachwerbung beispielhaft: Pioneer Jeans

• 3 fache Auszeichnung IF-Design Award

• ADC Auszeichnung für Corporate Design

• Gold Munich Airport Award: BMW Welcome Wall

• Ranking-Design die 312 Besten: Platz 4 im Bereich Unternehmenskommunikation

• Jahrbuch der Werbung Image-Auftritt: BTB Anzeigen für Geiger Jahrbuch der Werbung

• 2007 Nominierung für den Design Preis der Bundesrepublik

• Gold Airport Media Award: Airwell

• Gold Promax-Media Awards / Anzeigen (Syfy /NBC)

• Gold Promax-World Awards / Anzeigen /Tornado- Print Kampagne (Syfy /NBC)

• Bronze Promax-World Awards / On air & Print combination (Syfy /NBC),

•2020 Excellence Award for communincation,

• 2020 Plantin Award

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