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robusta Deutschland GmbH

B2B & B2C-Spezialist
21-50 Mitarbeiter
2017 gegründet
Advanced Computing
Mobile / Apps
Web / Internet

Unsere Philosophie

We create technology-led creative experiences that redefine companies digital potential and drive their digital transformation by putting the users at the heart of the process.

Über Uns

robusta is a tech agency that believes in young enthusiastic talents who strive for spreading positivity through their work and get excited by challenges. Supercharged with creative energy, we develop experiences that reshape brands and grow businesses. We work with companies that share our belief in the power of evolving digital technologies to drive businesses forward.
We are driven by our entrepreneurial ownership and consistent and integral progress. Hence, we love to build products that address our clients’ needs for digital transformation in an empowered-consumer-driven economy. Our capabilities range from influential E-Commerce, handcrafted Mobile Applications to unique Web Design and killer Management Tools.


Mondelez Mobile App

Details unter: www.mondelezinternational.com
After "cutting-the-tail" operation over 10,000 of the small retailers were cut-off of the Mondelez Distribution chain due to the high cost of serving vs. the value of business generated. Robusta has developed a digital platform that enabled significant reduction in cost of serving by completely replacing the sales reps with a mobile platform through which retailers can place their orders from a list of top SKUs and have a dedicated van deliver their orders the next business day. The app also provides them with latest updates on trade offers, company programs, news and establishes a communication channel through the usage of push notifications and real-time updates. The platform extends into a management mobile interface with instant overview on the business as well as an administration dashboard to orchestrate the order fulfillment cycle.

P&G Mobile App

Details unter: www.pg.com/en_EG/
Coming at the core of its continuous cost optimization initiatives, P&G has developed a distribution management platform operated by its 4 key distributors to communicate with both wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers use the platform to track their progress towards sales target achievement across the different product categories and brands and retailers use it to place orders for the companies top selling SKUs on the market. The platform features educational content on the products as well as latest news & updates that supports the sales boosting activities. The distributors' admins manage the flow of data through the platform and the order fulfillment cycle through web-based dashboards that act both as a data management and reporting tool supporting the decision making process.

BTECH- Egypt’s Largest Home Appliances & Electronics Retailer

Details unter: www.btech.com
The first challenge for BTECH as a brick & mortar was taking a leap of faith into going online against the belief that the Egyptian market is not ready to buy electronic home appliances online by any chance. For us, it was all about creating the most seamless experience for the user who’s not used to shop online to become a convert.

Subaru Egypt

Details unter: subaruegypt.com
What a brand stands for has to resonate through every aspect of its marketing tools including its internet representation through a website. Subaru Egypt, with its pragmatic design, follows not only the latest design trends but also reflects the confidence of Subaru in every design aspect and motion. Trendy car catalogs were created to reflect the agility and strength of Subaru while seamlessly displaying all the details in a simple and efficient way and giving the user the ability to compare between the different models.

SODIC Developments- One of Egypt’s leading real estate development companies

Details unter: sodic.com
Real estate is not about showing building anymore, it’s more about the experience you get to enjoy and the dream of a new lifestyle with new possibilities and optimistic future. SODIC developments is the embodiment of the future life where art meets luxury and style. The latest trends in design were a great source of inspiration, the website is all about breathtaking imagery to set the mood for dreams that come with new places to discover.


Interface Design
UX/UI Design
Advanced Computing
Augmented Reality (AR)
Chatbots / Sprachassistenten
Virtual Reality (VR)
Mobile / Apps
App Design
Hybride / Web Apps
Konzeption (Mobile UI/UX)
Mobile Commerce
Mobile Prototyping
Native Apps
Virtual Reality (VR) - Programmierung
Web / Internet
E-Commerce & Webshops
Web Prototyping


Consumer Electronics
Unterhaltung / Entertainment



seit 2017
- B.Tech E.Commerce Platform (Website)
- MiniCash Sales App (WebApp)
- B.Tech For Trade Locator (Website)
- Ultra Website Development (Website)
- Conversational Commerce (Website)
- B.Tech Platform Support (Website)
- B.tech Check Out Revamp (Website)
- MiniCash Phase 2 (WebApp)
- B.Tech E-Com Platform Support (Website)
- B.Tech MiniCash Partners App (WebApp)

Customer Alliance

seit 2016
Wordpress Website


seit 2017
- Chat Bot ( WebApp )
- Mint Competition Page (Website)


seit 2017
WebApp Design and Development


seit 2017
Mobile App Design and Development


seit 2013
- Infosec-Arcsight Command Ctr (WebApp)
- Intranet Tools Revamp (WebApp)
- Yearly Orange Competition (WebApp)
- IP Search Tool Phase (WebApp)
- CDR Loading (WebApp)
- Orange Service Support (WebApp)
- Robusta Tool Support (WebApp)
- Orange Legal Tool Development (WebApp)


seit 2015
- Construction Progress Viewer (Website)
- Website Support


seit 2016
Website Design and Development

The German University in Cairo

von 2016 bis 2016
Website Design and Development

Weitere Auszeichnungen


Best Software Development Award 2016


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