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Agenturmatching is Germany's leading agency platform. We know the agency world like the back of our hand. Our promise: We will find the right agency for your project, campaign or company. Our service is free for clients.

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DOT TRANSLATION ENGINE - The first Braille Translator based on AI

Dot Incorporation develops innovative solutions for the visually impaired. The Startup began with the Dot Watch – a watch, based on the Braille language which makes time readable by touch. The Startup then went on to develop the Dot Mini – the Kindle for blind people. This device makes it possible to “read” whole books, sentence by sentence and it is compact (/petite) enough to fit into the pockets of your trousers. However, until now it was only able to offer already translated books and material in Braille. The technology is still too premature in order to be able to translate content in real-time. Yet being able to do so, poses the last missing piece to the puzzle, in order to literally transform Dot-Mini into a smart-media device. PROBLEM There are ca. 285 million blind and visually-impaired people world-wide, who only have very limited access to content, which to the rest of us, is a natural and irrefutable part of our lives. Only 3% of all accessible texts are available in Braille. And although translators do exist in the marketplace, these are not accurate, due to the rules of Braille Grade II only being applicable by human beings. Not only does the rulebook consist of over 300 DIN A4 pages, but the language is also multifaceted and complex. It is for this reason, that one still needs an experienced professional, who checks and corrects a Braille translation in order to receive an accurate result.

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“How China Are You?” Game

Protonet develops innovative cloud solutions for the office space and for home - the Personal Cloud. Not only do they promise their customers security and protection for their data, but they also provide clients a complete sovereignty thereof. In a broad-based campaign, they want to attract the public's attention in order to inform them about data protection in the age of Google, Facebook, and Co. PROBLEM The limits of data protection are being put to the test nowadays. The topic is gaining a great presence in the media and is causing increasing concern among end-users. Is a free internet service really free or do we really just pay in another currency? How much of our most sensitive and personal information do we share every day? Are we truly aware of how transparent we are for big internet magnates? These giants, in turn, are not very transparent and leave us standing in the dark with a ton of questions.

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What Clients say about Agenturmatching

  • Niclas von Seidlitz
    “Agenturmatching provided me with a highly accurate selection of suitable agencies within 24 hours. This shortened our search process enormously.”
    Niclas von Seidlitz
    Global HR Generalist
  • Susanne Kopsch
    “For our Europe-wide campaign, we were looking for a large agency with an international format. Thanks to Agenturmatching, we found our partner. We can absolutely recommend the platform.”
    Susanne Kopsch
    Manager Marketing Communications
  • Stefan Eichhorn
    “Agenturmatching saved us the time-consuming pre-screening of providers. Within a very short time we found a suitable agency.”
    Stefan Eichhorn
    Social Media Coordinator
  • ​Christian Griem
    “Our first matching was about a very special and huge project for which we needed local support with fresh ideas. Within a few days I had exactly what I needed and was thrilled with how quickly the collaboration could begin.”
    ​Christian Griem
    Head of Market Hall
  • Katharina Keupp
    “We were under a lot of time pressure and agency matching suggested exactly the right agencies in the shortest possible time. Then everything went super fast and we were ready to go.”
    Katharina Keupp
    Project Manager Command Control
  • Jonathan Kohl
    “The agency scenery is not easy to see through as a company. Agenturmatching comes to work with expertise, efficiency and customer care and lightens the dark by simply introducing us to the top agencies for our project.”
    Jonathan Kohl
    Founder & CEO
  • Goran Goić
    “We have already used Agenturmatching several times and the matching has always hit the mark - no matter whether we were looking for an agency for strategic consulting, crisis communication or communication design.”
    Goran Goić
    Head of Corporate Communications
  • Markus Schmid
    “The cooperation with Agenturmatching was fast, sympathetic and, above all, target-oriented. For our web relaunch I was recommended agencies that not only understood us, but also made a lasting impression on us.”
    Markus Schmid
    Marketing Consultant
  • Thomas Kaiser
    “We are specialists in our field and needed an agency that was also a specialist. Agenturmatching has helped us understand what we need and delivered agencies that can do just that. Seamless and perfect.”
    Thomas Kaiser
    Head of Int. Marketing
  • Dr. Matthias Salge
    “That worked out great! We received intros to agencies that fit in perfectly and decided directly for one of them. Agenturmatching is absolutely recommendable.”
    Dr. Matthias Salge
    Spokesman of the Board
  • Jennifer Kammer
    “Uncomplicated, simple and fast - with these three words we would like to thank Agenturmatching for their cooperation and will be happy to come back to you with a next search request.”
    Jennifer Kammer
    Marketing Agriculture
  • Julia von Westerholt
    “We have found our corporate design agency through Agenturmatching. Simple, efficient and professional.”
    Julia von Westerholt
    Deputy Director, Marketing, Communications & Fundraising

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