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2010 gegründet
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CREATE WHATEVER. We create and develop brands.

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Fedoriv is an award-winning design and marketing company specializing in multi-media, technology-savvy design and content production.

We believe in the combined power of creativity and business. Whatever you want to create - design a multi-media corporate identity , open a retail space, rebrand your company, roll out a new product brand, design an event or show, build a residential quarter, publish a magazine or promote a multimedia hub - we are here to be your partner!



Details unter:fedoriv.com/work/bizol/
German motor oil Bizol is sold in 65 countries worldwide. The company works with exclusive distributors, delivers tailored products to specific markets and responds efficiently to customer needs by using a flexible model of consumer innovation. Yet Bizol faced a lack of up-to-date communication solutions that could be integrated naturally into the traditional culture of German quality. In 2008, we conceived the Bizol logo, and in 2014 came up with new packaging for the whole range of motor oils. Emphasizing brand integrity, the new can was shaped like the letter B. What is more, this design solution overcame spills and splashing. We adopted the same letter B concept for the can labels, and, by adding a muted color scheme, made it easy to instantly distinguish these oils on store shelves. The newly designed Bizol cans won the Red Dot Design Award. In 2015, our new container for Bizol oils won the iF Design Award 2015, for the most innovative packaging. Our cans were recognized as the best among 4783 other projects from 53 countries. This was the first time a motor oil brand won both the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award since 1953.


Details unter:fedoriv.com/work/lenovo/
Lenovo is the largest manufacturer of personal computers and other electronics with a 20% share of the global market. But despite the leadership position in the Ukrainian market, consumers had stereotypes that it was “cheap” and “Chinese” in the bad sense of the words. The consequence of this reputation didn’t allow consumers to notice the main thing: Lenovo is a progressive brand creating truly innovative products. A tablet with a built-in projector, a transformer with a removable keyboard, and a graphics tablet—this is how a revolutionary thinks, not an imitator. On this basis, we began to build a new communication campaign. Lenovo does not imitate. Lenovo sets new rules. Thereby the new communication platform of the new Lenovo was created: “Infinitely forward.” The second, but no less important step after the communication strategy was to create a design system. We faced the fact that all Lenovo materials were of a different nature, were not the same. A system was needed. The new brand mood should be felt through business cards, through leaflets, on the website, in handouts, and even on social media. The task was to create a whole visual world for the new Lenovo communication. And we created that world.

Egersund Seafood

Details unter:fedoriv.com/work...
Egersund, a big Norwegian fishing and fish-processing company, used to operate on wholesale markets. On coming to Ukraine and establishing its subsidiary in Kyiv, the company opted to reach end customers. Yet it had no experience in retailing; thus the Ukrainian market became a kind of Egersund pilot project. We began our cooperation by working out a general concept and a vision of the future store. To provide conditions for a non-trivial way to shop for fish, we put a seafood bar at the center, as well as herring and caviar counters. Based on a policy of honesty, we also worked out a visual identity system. Despite its poor readability, we kept the original company name and adopted a straightforward, sustainable and informative communication style. Egersund is an enormous lab where cold is part of its identity. Such a cold approach, without mermaids and other well-worn clichés, focused the budgeting. That’s why we decided to minimize promotional costs in favor of installing additional air conditioning systems and ice generators. After its soft opening in June, the store quickly achieved its planned performance, and even went beyond. The grand opening of Egersund in Kyiv was attended by the Prime Minister of Norway. We are proud that the brand format that we developed is going to be standardized for use in other markets.

Life Chemicals

Details unter:fedoriv.com/work...
Life Chemicals is an international research company based in Canada and represented in the United States, Germany, China, and Ukraine. The company specializes in state-of-the-art organic synthesis for high-throughput screening. In plain language, it creates chemical materials that pharmaceutical companies need for the development of new drugs. When you work with the best, you want to look the best. The client approached us with the task of developing a design on the same level as his partners’, leading pharmaceutical corporations. Creating new materials reminded us of alchemy, which we synchronized with the client’s pure scientific approach. The idea of combining is the main ingredient in the new brand identity. The new logo is a combination of the brand name initials, L and C, and the golden ratio that can be found in any organic system. In addition, the sign reproduces the contour of a microscope, the instrument that makes it possible to see the company’s products. The logo text block is made of a geometric grotesque typeface to create a feeling of stillness and confidence. The design system is complemented by illustrations. They are created by a combination of chemical formulas and unique 3D objects.


Details unter:fedoriv.com/work...
Rabota.ua is a website for those looking for jobs or employees. Rabota.ua is a part of Grupa Pracuj Ltd holding (Poland) and a partner in the international network The Network. For decades, every Ukrainian job search engine was pushing the same rational benefit: the number of unfilled vacancies available. This led to a situation where market leaders, including rabota.ua, were competing on the same turf by promising an ever-expanding choice of vacancies, and nothing else. Numbers trumped quality, with every vacancy looking the same: uninspiring, boring. To solve this problem and pull ahead we needed to start by changing attitudes to rabota.ua. But how do you come across as unique when you’re offering a service that isn’t at all unique? So we looked at what work means to Ukrainians. We discovered that for most people work is a vital part of life. And if work is life, then why waste your life in a job you hate? This question became the basis of the new rabota.ua branding strategy. The answer was simple: opportunities. From just another job search website boasting millions of vacancies, rabota.ua turned into a service offering endless opportunities, helping people to chase their dreams and helping employers find the right workers. Instead of being a last resort, used only when all else failed, rabota.ua became a medium, providing consistent professional growth to its users.

Klitschko Foundation

Details unter:fedoriv.com/work...
Klitschko Foundation has actively helped Ukrainian young people develop in sport and gain knowledge since 2003. Fund-managed to realize hundreds of important projects on its tenth anniversary. However, communication was too neutral and visual identity was strange to young people and teenagers. We understand that the aim is not just handing out candy and toys. The Foundation helps you to believe in yourself. Its philosophy is a strong belief that any dream can become reality. If you take a step toward it every day. This principle we reflected by the appeal: "Fight for your dream", and fastened this into the new visual identity of the brand. Klitschko Foundation is one of several brands that we developed for Wladimir. Our company also worked on his design hotel 11 Mirrors and umbrella brand KLITSCHKO. In 2015, the Klitschko Foundation design identity won the Red Dot Award in the nomination for Communication Design.

Nova Poshta

Details unter:fedoriv.com/work...
Nova Poshta is Ukraine’s top express delivery company. Established in 2001, Nova Poshta has opened over 2000 modern branches providing all-featured service coverage for the most remote towns and villages across Ukraine. The company became a trendsetter for the entire market and a symbol of constant movement and speed. Yet, Nova Poshta lacked a clear communication strategy, and its former identity represented the principles that were polar to the brand’s essence. We developed a new strategy for Nova Poshta. The Delivery of the Future idea and its visual set-up showcases the agility of the ambitious brand. The company rebranded its branches, put in place new services, made delivery quicker and safer, and is still not ready to rest.


Details unter:fedoriv.com/work/olx_ua/
OLX (OnLine eXchange) operates as a national online classifieds marketplace for used goods, from clothes and furniture to cars and real estate. It is present in over 106 countries; we work with OLX in the Ukrainian, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan markets. We have worked with the Ukrainian office since 2014, and have created 15 advertising campaigns for them in total. In 2014, OLX brand owner, Naspers Co. opted to change all local brand names throughout the world to a common resource name. Therefore, the company needed to tell users about the new brand. However, Slando had managed to reach fantastic awareness among consumers, enjoying their total loyalty. Thus, we had to keep the great performance and speak about Slando being renamed as OLX. A humorous undertone helped us to figure out our approach to the challenge. If OLX could no longer be Slando, OK, let it become OLX. We delivered that very message through a great number of short videos. After constantly repeating the information time and time again, people finally got used to the point that Slando has become OLX. This means it no longer poses a threat to the brand’s integrity. The campaign caused website user numbers to go up, which is a great indicator for a rebranding campaign.


Details unter:fedoriv.com/work/rezult/
Korosten MDF Plant is an environmentally-friendly factory producing laminated flooring and MDF panels. The plant is equipped with cutting-edge German Siempelkamp machinery. It operates large storage facilities, a traffic network, and its own utility systems. The plant stands among the top-ranked Ukrainian companies that used to export its products to Russia, benefiting from its favorable location near a major South-East railway hub. Due to Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine, the plant had to shift its focus onto European and Asian markets. These consist of multiple consumer groups that have unique cultural and value orientations. All of them set high requirements for both product and communication quality. We had to create an international brand and bring the company’s public image into accordance with its product quality. Exposing quality as the most valuable factor, we created the brand targeted on the aforementioned kind of people. We came up with the harsh-sounding name REZULT, taken from the German language, and represented the brand’s concept in the Stand On Quality tagline. In addition, we developed an efficient brand identity system using a consistent combination of red, black and red colors.


Details unter:fedoriv.com/work...
Oschadbank is the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, employing 35 thousand people. The bank started to change by implementing cutting-edge technologies and opening innovative branches. However, its image was strongly affected by the Soviet past. Moreover, top managers were reproached for allegedly inexpedient expenses in the hard times of the war raging in the Ukrainian East. So, the bank needed to justify the critical necessity of these internal changes and get the whole country involved. We created a positioning based on a simple strategic statement “the Bank is the country”. We realized that a state-owned bank could not use the language of big-budget commercials and expensive posters. Our main challenge was to remove all the extraneous stuff and open up to people. We cleaned up the bank’s visual identity, did away with the percent sign styled from a small oak tree, and left the logo with neat lettering only, adding a key descriptor: My bank. My country. We added yellow brightness to the traditional deep green built into the Oschadbank identity, and, as a matter of fact, the underlying logo story is that it is simply a green-filtered Ukrainian national flag. The project of rebranding Oschadbank won the Red Dot Award 2016 in the Brand Design category. It was the first time a Ukrainian state-owned financial institution was awarded a design and communication prize.


UnIP is an online platform for city parking: it allows drivers to find free parking spots and pay for them right through the phone. The system simplifies the work of the municipalities, helps toll parking and saves drivers time. Overpopulated cities with a lack of parking spaces and constant traffic jams is the main UnIP field. The platform’s audience lives at a pace of constant haste. So the entire identity and its elements must be as simple as possible. Not distracting drivers, and easily readable both on screens of devices and in the urban environment. The client wanted minimalism. The first letter of brand’s name «U» become the sign and the main graphic element. We stylized it as the marking of the parking space. We purposely made it wider, as a symbol that there is enough space for all platform users. Placed on a black background, our element also became a new icon for the mobile application. The whole UnIP graphic system is bounded by yellow underlining. In communication materials, where our «U» highlights the most important words and expressions, in co-branding and information stands for the partner’s parking. It’s everywhere. We combined it all with that simple and dynamic identity element.


GMS is a global messaging provider based in Switzerland. It is one-stop shop for worldwide communications that encompasses about 900 mobile operators in 200 countries and more than 300 enterprises all over the world. Our main task was to create new branding, designed to demonstrate GMS technological and client-oriented approaches. We created the whole new brand identity system of communication. New positioning, communication strategy and visual identification were designed to underline the main massage: GMS brings tailor-made solutions for their clients and ready to improve every day. Fresh look, laconic style, simple and friendly tone of voice, modern visuals and even animation all together create clear understanding that when you choose GMS, you choose progress.


Lenovo Communication Design Case

Oschadbank Rebranding Case


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